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Why Crosbie use modern construction methods

Why Crosbie use modern construction methods

August 16, 2023/Crosbie Homes

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Why Crosbie use modern construction methods

Modern building practices in construction projects are important for many reasons. They ensure that our housing developments are completed to the highest standards. Not only this but they make active improvements regarding energy efficiency and carbon output – all helping to create a more sustainable future.

This is something which we as a business are highly passionate about with our commitment to being net zero in the near future. Which can only be achieved by embracing the latest technologies made available to us.

Let us explain.


the modern methods of construction have actively improved house quality

Modern construction methods improve building structure and quality

Modern construction methods have revolutionised the way buildings are constructed in terms of their structure and quality. And by adopting these practices it helps us at Crosbie Homes to ensure that we are creating properties that are built to last.

The development of advanced materials and technologies has enabled our partner engineers and architects to develop structures that are more durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, the use of prefabricated components has enabled us to reduce the time spent on site which also reduces our material spend – something which is of benefit to our new homeowners.

And as well as this, modern construction methods have allowed for more creative designs and innovative solutions to create truly unique and impressive modern architecture.


modern method construction helps crosbie homes to create energy efficient new build homes

Modern construction methods produce energy efficient homes

Furthermore, modern building practices promote energy efficiency, which can help to reduce energy costs over time. So not only do our new homes look great, but they also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Modern construction methods are revolutionising the way we think about energy efficiency when it comes to building homes. With advances in materials, techniques and technology, modern homes are more energy efficient than ever before.

Insulation and air sealing practices are constantly being improved to maximise the energy efficiency of the home. Whilst windows and doors are designed to be more thermally efficient and are made with materials that reflect the sun’s rays and keep the home cooler in the summer, whilst retaining heat in the winter.

As well as this, heating and cooling systems are becoming more efficient and are often equipped with smart thermostats that can be controlled remotely and automatically adjust to the most energy-efficient temperatures.

All of these modern construction methods combined are helping to make homes more energy efficient and reduce their environmental impact.

Click here for more information regarding our energy efficiency specification.


modern construction industry is a safer place for staff and workers

Modern construction methods improve on site safety for construction workers

Finally, modern building practices help to ensure that construction projects are safe for both workers and the general public. Construction projects can now be completed faster, with fewer risks, and with less environmental impact.

With the introduction of new materials and technologies, modern construction methods have revolutionised the way we build and the safety of our workers on our construction sites. Something which we at Crosbie always strive to improve upon for our team.

Everything from the introduction of high-visibility clothing to the use of machinery to take on hazardous tasks has improved the safety of our construction sites. As well as the use of personal protective equipment, such as hard hats, goggles, gloves, and respiratory masks.

Furthermore, the use of drone technology allows construction workers to survey the site from a safe distance, reducing the risk of injury. And, with the use of 3D modelling and BIM technology we can now better plan and identify clashes in design, resulting in a reduction of errors and improved safety.

By using advanced software, workers can also create virtual simulations of the construction site, allowing them to plan and execute tasks safely and efficiently – helping to make construction sites safer and more efficient than ever before.


modern new build homes with improved energy efficiency for sale

Interested in finding out more about our modern new build homes

We at Crosbie are proud to present our quality new build homes with our bespoke housing developments. Currently located in Bearsden, Blanefield and Wakefield in West Yorkshire, we have created 13 new homes which to us are the epitome of luxury.

Ranging from main door villa apartments, to large family home options with up to five bedrooms, our modern homes consider everything that modern living requires. All whilst contributing to a greener future

To arrange a viewing or request more information, please get in touch with our local selling agents – Rettie Bearsden or Richard Kendall.

Register your interest: or contact our selling agent, Rettie & Co. for more information.