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Who Are We?

Delivering bespoke homes in prime locations, Crosbie Homes is the private residential arm of Morris & Spottiswood. An ambitious company with a very clear strategy, we aim to deliver high quality, beautiful and flexible new build homes by embracing the latest technologies to allow us to maximise energy efficiencies and sustainability whilst at the same time redefining quality and craftsmanship.

We understand a residential property isn’t just a building – it’s a home and we go the extra mile to make it outstanding.

Going the extra mile

Overall, what really sets Crosbie Homes apart is our genuine commitment to go the extra mile for our customers, to offer the best solutions and to add value every step of the way.

All our work is undertaken to the highest health and safety, quality and environmental standards.

We also place a high priority on effective communication, ensuring that all project stakeholders are fully briefed and kept updated as projects unfold.

Our History

The history of our founding brand, Morris & Spottiswood originates in 1925 with the story of our current chairman's grandfather, George Morris. He opened his first joinery and manufacturing workshop with his friend, John Spottiswood, in Glasgow and since then it has grown into a £100 million construction company.

Morris & Spottiswood began constructing homes in 1995, originally focusing on affordable and social housing. Since then, the company has diversified to cater to a niche market opportunity - bespoke homes which also provide a lifestyle choice for homeowners.

From this Crosbie Homes was born and now acts as the private residential arm of Morris & Spottiswood.

Partnership & Innovation

We work in partnership with some of the highest quality suppliers to ensure our new homes excel our customers expectations.

We strive to deliver on our commitment to delivering sustainable energy efficient homes through the installation of innovative and renewable technologies which provide comfort and cost benefits to our home owners.

Our Values

Our Values

Crosbie Homes key values are to aim high, act responsibly and value people - an ethos which trickles through every aspect of the company.

From collaboration with local architects on our bespoke homes, to ensure we are working with someone who knows and understands the area we have hand selected for our developments, to the high quality and sustainable materials used during construction. Crosbie Homes have strict standards regarding finishes and aesthetic, as well as sustainability.

However we understand that only with a healthy team can we deliver on these goals, and this is why we have regular mental health check ins and assistance for all members of staff. By knowing our team is happy, only then can we as a business thrive.

And, for our customers, all of our homes are supported with a premier guarantee. As we regard homeowners to be an investment and lifetime partner with the business, as opposed to a one time client.

Our People

Our People

At Crosbie Homes we know that our staff and suppliers are the key ingredient in our success.

We employ dedicated teams across the country to ensure our customers receive the best service whether this is during the build process or once you have moved in.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

In today’s climate it is important for all businesses to consider sustainability when it comes to production.

However, at Crosbie Homes this is something we are fully committed to with ambitions of being net zero in the near future. We aim to deliver high quality, beautiful and flexible new build homes by embracing the latest technologies to allow us to maximise energy efficiencies and sustainability whilst at the same time redefining quality and craftsmanship.

We actively look to reduce fossil fuels by increasing insulation and air tightness within the home, reducing heat loss and therefore fuel requirements. We do this with the use of air source heat pumps and other renewable energy technologies alongside great materials.

Crosbie Homes are designed for the future, today.

A word from our Development Manger, Steven Stewart

Current Developments


Four Luxury Apartments

PBearsden, Glasgow

Campsie Dene

Two Luxury Villas

PBlanefield, Glasgow


Plot TWO, Last Remaining Home

PSandal, Wakefield